Abstracts are in the evaluation process. However, we may already announce that all submitted abstracts for Concurrent Sessions have been accepted. The selection for Oral Presentations is still ongoing. Further information will follow shortly.

The extended deadline for abstract submission was on November 14th, 2022 (23:59 CET).



The organisers have decided to reopen the abstract submission for satellite workshops only. Please submit your abstract here until the deadline of December 19th, 2022 (23:59 CET):



Please be aware that:

  1. max. allowed words for abstracts is 300 (excluding title, authors and affiliation). Please send your abstract in docx format
  2. registration of the presenting author to both ECFG16 and the selected satellite workshop is mandatory
  3. the registration fee for each workshop is € 95 and includes coffee breaks and lunch
  4. your abstract might be selected for oral presentation by the chairs of the respective satellite workshop. The presentation of your work as poster is only possible for Asperfest. 

Please note, the workshops will not have a virtual component. Participation and presentation of an abstract are only possible with an in-person registration.


General abstract submission guidelines


Please read the guidelines below carefully before you start with the submission process in order not to risk rejection of your abstract due to formal criteria.

  • Each participant can submit two abstracts.
  • Maximum allowed words: 300. No tables or graphs are allowed! Please use upper and lower cases.
  • Abstracts may be submitted for poster presentations or oral AND poster presentations.
  • Registration of the presenting author is mandatory.
  • Please note that the corresponding author and the presenting author must be the same person!

Abstract submission account:

To submit your abstract you have to create a submission account. The system will first ask you to complete the corresponding author’s contact details. As soon as all the details have been completed, the “abstract submission” tab will appear and the submission process can be started. Abstracts can then be entered, saved as drafts or be submitted. Once an abstract has been submitted, no further changes or amendments are possible. For abstract submission, we need to collect the corresponding author's contact details. We guarantee that all the given information will be used for the correspondence regarding the abstract submission only. The data is stored for no other purpose and will not be used in another way.


Submission process:

In the submission process you first have to fill in all the details regarding your abstract such as the title, authors and category, and afterwards you can enter your abstract text.

Step 1 – Abstract Title and Presentation Type: You enter the title of your abstract here, please use upper and lower case, do not put a full stop at the end. Maximum allowed length is 20 words please use upper and lower cases.

Choose your presentation type and select from:

  • Poster presentation
  • Oral and Poster

Step 2 – Topic: Please choose here to which session or satellite workshop your abstract fits best.

Concurrent sessions:

  • Animal/human interactions
  • Metabolism and physiology
  • Evolution, biodiversity and taxonomy
  • Genomes and other –omics
  • Plant interactions
  • Sensing and signaling
  • Genome function and epigenetics
  • Development and morphogenesis
  • Symbionts and endophytes
  • Molecular tools
  • Synthetic biology and biotechnology
  • Regulatory networks
  • Antifungals and resistance mechanisms
  • Mycobiomes and microbial interactions
  • RNA biology
  • Fungal cell biology
  • Biocontrol and natural antagonists
  • Bioactive metabolites, secondary metabolites
  • Stress and extreme environments
  • Fungal epidemiology and diagnostics

Satellite workshops

  • WS: Asperfest
  • WS: Fusarium workshop
  • WS: Neurospora workshop
  • WS: Symposium on the Basal Fungal Kingdom
  • WS: Colletotrichum workshop
  • WS: Trichoderma workshop

Step 3 – Authors and Affiliations: The corresponding author is automatically in the system as the first and presenting author. You may change this information if necessary and then add additional affiliations and co‐authors by clicking on the corresponding buttons.

Step 4 – Abstract text: Here you can enter your abstract text. Please enter the text only, no title, no authors (these are taken from the information entered above). Maximum allowed words: 300.

No tables or graphs are allowed!

Step 5 – Review: Please check again whether all details are correct. Any sections that are still required to be completed for submission are marked in red.

Step 6 – Submit your abstract: This will only be possible if all previous steps have been completed. Please note: Once your abstract has been submitted no more changes are possible since it is directly forwarded to the reviewers.

If you want to submit another abstract please click on the tab "Abstract Submission" once again and restart the process. Please note that every time you login and out a new draft version will be opened and stored. You may delete all the draft versions you do not need by clicking "delete".


The deadline for abstract submission was on November 14th, 2022 (23:59 CET)


The conference organizers will notify the author with their decision about whether or not the abstract is accepted in calendar week 50 in order to allow the abstract authors to register for the early-bird fee.

The corresponding author will also receive an automated email confirming the abstract submission was successful and the abstract has been forwarded to the reviewers.




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